Hi, I’m Kathi

I’m a human, born and raised near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Growing up, my mom was a stay-at-home and my father was a sod farmer, entrepreneur, pillar of the community and business leader.  Together they parented 3 children at a time, but had a total of 4 children. My brother Peter died in a tragic accident 18 months before I was born.

I went to a private day school, a girls camp all summer long, every summer and after finishing high school I went on to university where I earned a degree in Political Science.

Completely untethered and disillusioned with a degree I couldn’t do much with, I went on to study Travel and Tourism in Boston, Massachusetts. As much for the adventure of living “abroad” as for the education, I set myself down a lifelong path of working in tourism.

After school, the same summer that my older brother died suddenly at 43, I moved to Banff Alberta to work in a big hotel there. I worked in hotels with Canadian Pacific/Fairmont Hotels for 16 years.

Fast forward to 2015. I was living a relatively normal, albiet boring, life in a big old house with a cute little doggie and I was not very happy. A self proclaimed “onesie” I was not in a relationship and by choice have no children. Essentially I was unrooted and spoiled for choice.

Then I went to Morocco with a friend. Her dream trip – not mine. Turns out I loved it. And now I live here. I’m not entirely sure what this whole adventure will look like but I do know this : there was nothing keeping me in Canada, I don’t need a giant house, I’ve had the cars, and the clothes and the jobs and now I’m ready to turn this whole western world on its head and see what happens overseas.

How did you get the name Pretty Kathi?
Well, my BFF has 5 kids. Turns out they already had an AUNT Kathy, so they had to call me something….Pretty it is. It worked until about age 7. Then they started calling me Kathi. It was GLORIOUS while it lasted.

How did I get the name Pretty Kamel?
It’s a natural extension no? And it was a name used often by my new bestie who can never remember anyone’s name because he meets so many people! So it works.